[birding] Linn County Black and White Warber - No (for me)

Jeff Harding jeffharding at centurytel.net
Mon Jun 17 19:58:07 PDT 2013

Tyler Hicks reported a Black and White Warber from Buell-Miller Park,
between Stayton and Jefferson on the North Santiam River yesterday. I was
there after work, between 5:15 and 6:45 this evening, and failed to detect
it. It was windy, and I am not intimate with it's calls and song, so there
is a good chance it is still there. It is also a fairly large patch of
habitat, and if it moved a little, it could be difficult to relocate.


Here is what Tyler told me:

The warbler is hanging out in the cottonwoods/willows on the sw side of the
park. Park at the boat ramp and take the trail south of the portapotty. This
trail will take you across the park which is mostly dominated by Scotch
Broom. The broom field is full of Lazuli Buntings and Yellow-breasted Chats.
The trail will enter the cottonwood forest and then split after 150 yards.
Take the south split (downriver) the B&W Warbler was hanging out in the
cottonwoods/willows as the trail exits (see map) onto a large gravel bar
south to a willow dominated area with wetlands. I was fishing here from 5 AM
to 10 AM and the bird sang consistently the whole time. It is a male. 


On the way to work this morning I stopped in Jefferson. Asking around for
the park, I also asked where the Wild Turkeys hang out. There was a nice mob
at 6th and Union. They were county birds for me, so I don't have to worry
about that one anymore. 




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