[birding] Polk birding rambles

Brandon Wagner bmwboarder at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 12:40:18 PDT 2013

Hey friends,

I signed up for the Oregon 2020 County Explorer for Polk county.  One of
the first goals is to submit a bird list for each county park, so this
morning I checked out Emile Marx - Lloyd Strange Fishing Hole (also called
Social Security Hole?), along the Willamette River.  I also made a few
stationary counts along the way (via bike today).

At my second stop along Halls Ferry I saw and heard 3 Horned Larks.  I seem
to have it in my mind that they are only at Baskett Slough or Livermore Rd,
so it always is a pleasant surprise to find them.

Third stop had a chipping sparrow, near some sort of orchard.

At the park itself, I immediately found a pair of nesting Bullock's
Orioles.  Well, it would be hard to miss them, they were quite noisy. Fun
to see their nest though.  Also saw a Kingfisher, Bald Eagle, Osprey,
Kestrel, Lesser Goldfinches and numerous Cedar Waxwings there.

On the way home I saw Band-tailed Pigeons in a couple places, though they
were never on any of my ebird checklists.  Interesting to see them so low
in the valley, gives me hope that they will come to my yard sometime.

PS: I also recently checked out the Upper Mill Creek county park and there
was a couple American Dippers there.

Brandon Wagner

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