[birding] Re: News on LSNA work parties plus Hwy 99W repaving project near E.E. Wilson

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Wed Jun 12 16:28:19 PDT 2013

Hi all,

The Hwy 99W paving project near E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area north of Adair
Village seems to be done, so clear sailing in both directions. One of
the workers who stopped to chat told me that they would have done a
longer stretch of road if they could, but they were only able to borrow
the machine from another ODOT district for a couple of days.

An interesting thing from the environmental perspective is that, in this
stretch of highway, ODOT has been using a special porous aggregate in
this asphalt mix. The aim is to allow rain water to infiltrate through
the road surface rather than flowing off into the ditch. 

The down side, according to the ODOT guy, is that truck tires tend to
wear "ruts" in it faster. This project was just to grind up and repave
the ruts -- now we have a cool skunk-striped highway. I forgot to ask
the guy what they do with the ground-up asphalt -- hopefully it's

So, that seems to be the end of the big Hwy 99W repaving project. It
would be nice for bicyclists if ODOT would send the street-sweeping
machine that they used back for one more pass, to clear the gravel and
asphalt debris off the shoulder. 

While I'm at it, I might as mention that I'll be working on the
restoration out at the Luckiamute SNA north trailhead tomorrow morning,
roughly 10 AM to noon. Could be a good morning to listen for "rain
crows" (cuckoos) in the gallery forest.

Happy birding,

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