[birding] Peoria Lewis's Woodpecker

M & R Campbell campbell at peak.org
Sat Jun 8 07:36:43 PDT 2013

Three days ago, neighbors reported to me that the previous evening they had seen a strange black bird with a puffy, peach breast, black head,  long black bill and long black tail sitting in the top of a tree.  After I showed them a picture of a Lewis's Woodpecker they were pretty sure that was what it was.  Last evening they saw it again, but it was gone by the time I arrived.  They said they were even more sure that it was a Lewis's Woodpecker, and that the back was a really weird green color.  While I was scouting the area, just before sundown, a large, black woodpecker flew by, and I am reasonably certain it wasn't any other kind of woodpecker.  Alas, I was not in my yard at the time.  

The tree where it has been seen twice, is just south of the old grainery (which is the red barn-like building west of Main Street) in downtown Peoria, which happens to be 9 miles south of Corvallis on the east side of the Willamette river.

The top of that particular tree is visible from our property, but only from the south east corner of my shop roof.  I checked.  

Randy Campbell

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