[birding] Brewer's sparrow still at PPP

howard bruner hbrunerh at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 12 17:53:17 PDT 2013

The sparrow was alone in the fence trees along the east edge of the NE 
pond. There were 2 Caspian terns with the Calif. gulls.  4 red-necked 
phalarope (3 juvs, one adult) in the NW pond.  Wood ducks were 
everywhere (somewhere around 50) but there were just 2 g yellowlegs and ~
 10 leasts but found one Baird's as well.  Attached a very grainy photo 
of a least and the Baird's for a size comparison.  On down to Finley, 
Cabell had 3 hauled out and sleeping w pelicans, a pacific-slope 
flycatcher, and a mobile group (family?) of black phoebe.

Photos - but unfortunately not of the BRSP - at:


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