[birding] short-billed dowitchers at Baskett Slough

Brandon Wagner bmwboarder at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 11:22:49 PDT 2013

Bill Tice reports 3 Short-billed Dowitchers at the narrows at Baskett
Slough this morning.

At my home north of Independence, I'm going through hummingbird food like
crazy.  Maybe upwards of 2 cups a day!  I counted yesterday and had at
least 7 hummingbirds in the morning, though I think there are more.  I saw
at least 4 Annas and 3 Rufous on the feeders.  I have been watching to see
if anything else unusual joins the others, but nothing that I have seen yet.

Yesterday while working at my computer I saw a Barn Owl fly out of my
neighbors horse barn, right in the middle of the afternoon!  I hadn't seen
it for a while, but I guess I know where it stays now.

Brandon Wagner

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