[birding] Purple Martin in Dunn Forest + Violet-green Swallows massing

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Hi Joel,

These nests have been very successful in recent years with more birds showing up to use them each year. Joan Hagar, with USGS, has been banding martins both here and at Fern Ridge and was able to read one of the bands on the Tampico birds. Turns out it came from a nest at Fern Ridge. Great to see some new recruits to the area!

If anyone is willing and able to read a band on any of the martins in Dunn Forest, she would be very happy to know about it. Might be getting too late in the season to see perched birds for band reading, the numbers are very small but it sounds like they are still hanging around the nests.



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> Subject: [birding] Purple Martin in Dunn Forest + Violet-green Swallows massing
> Hi all,
> On Monday afternoon an adult male PURPLE MARTIN was perched on one of
> the artificial nesting "gourds" along the SW side of Tampico Rd., in
> Dunn Forest.
> I can't say if more martins were present, as I was coaching a young
> driver with his learner's permit, and was trying to keep my eyes on the
> road.
> Farther along on Maxfield Creek Rd. west of Airlie, a large flock of
> about 300 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS was massed along the utility wires. I've
> also been seeing large flocks along Buena Vista Rd. near Luckiamute
> State Natural Area in the past week.
> Every time I see one of these large swallow flocks I wonder about the
> load on the wire. According to Sibley's field guide to western birds, a
> Violet-green Swallow weighs about 14 grams, so a flock of 300 would
> weigh about 4 kg, or 9 lbs. I guess that's not much more than the
> concrete weights that you sometimes see hanging from wires to stabilize
> them in windy areas, and the load is certainly well-distributed.
> Happy birding,
> Joel
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