[birding] Fwd: [COBOL] Work Crew for Habitat Improvement Needed

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sat Aug 3 07:38:13 PDT 2013

Hi all,

For anyone who was looking for an excuse to get out of the Willamette
valley and do some birding in Santiam Pass and along the east slope of
the Cascades, here's a volunteer opportunity being organized by Tom
Crabtree with East Cascades Audubon Society. This also should be a great
chance to meet some Central Oregon birders, a great bunch who are always
glad to share tips on where to look for Green-tailed Towhees,
Black-backed Woodpeckers, White-headed Woodpeckers, etc.

If you've joined the work parties to pull weeds at Luckiamute State
Natural Area, you can guess what sort of footwear I'd recommend.

Happy volunteering,

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> Want to get up close and personal with Virginia Rails while helping to
> improve the habitat of the "Rail Pond," aka "Casting Pond" aka "Kayak
> Pond" aka "Yoga Pond?"  The recent hot weather brought down the water
> level on the pond and caused thousands of cattails to sprout in the
> Old Mill District pond famous for its resident pair of Virginia Rails,
> now raising their second brood of the year.  Since Bill Smith was kind
> enough to authorize the lowering of water levels to keep from drowning
> the first brood, the least we can do is thank him by helping preserve
> the habitat for the rails and the endangered Spotted Frogs that also
> reside there.  
> For the great helpers who pulled cattails at Hatfield Lake this
> spring, this is a different and far easier task.  We will be pulling
> seedlings which are numerous, short, and easy to pull up.  The
> difference is we will be standing in 4 - 12 inches of water.  We could
> use a big crew, so come on down to the pond which is on Otter Way,
> across the parking lot from Tumalo Creek Kayak. Here's a map of the
> location.
> http://goo.gl/maps/Ozsla 
> We will be doing this WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7th at 6 PM.  Refreshments
> will be provided by Bill Smith.  If you can't come at 6, come at 6:30,
> or even 7. We will work until dusk.  We will also do our best to
> locate the rails (4 babies in this brood along with the two parents)
> and give you opportunities to observe these normally shy and secretive
> birds.  Bring whatever footwear you want for standing in the water.
> It's only supposed to be 84 degrees that day, so this will be a good
> chance to cool off, enjoy some camaraderie, good looks at some nice
> birds and do something good for nature.  See you then!
> Tom Crabtree 

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