[birding] Baskett Slough this evening, 8/2

kolwicz at minetfiber.com kolwicz at minetfiber.com
Fri Aug 2 21:44:14 PDT 2013

Things are much the same, but with the addition of 3 White Pelicans and 
a dozen of what might be 1st year California Gulls (do I remember that 
right from the other day, Bill Tice?) and the new Semi-palmated Plover 
is a juvenile instead of the adult that was here the other day. The 
Black-bellied Plover is still on the far shore, towards the butte, but 
not always visible.

4 Black-necked Stilts and the flock of Dowitchers are getting very 
comfortable with the presence of vehicles and even people of foot, 
somewhat, but *only* somewhat. Sandpipers are still scarce, and mostly 
Leasts, and there are few raptors around, too. I was told by an 
apparently knowledgeable birder that there was a Semi-palmated Sandpiper 
there a couple of days ago.

The juvenile Virginia Rail(s) spent a lot of time around the foot of the 
road berm and actually gave me some decent images, for a change, instead 
of the half-off-screen blurs it had been presenting.

Today was the first evening that I've seen the Stilts, previously they 
were reliably present in the morning and early afternoon and reliably 
absent in the evening.

in Monmouth

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