[birding] Black Phoebe, California Gulls, Bobcat

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Tue Oct 16 20:54:40 PDT 2012

Recently, a BLACK PHOEBE has been visiting her old hangout on the south side of the Evanite building's blue tower in S Corvallis. I'm assuming that she's probably the same bird who was there almost daily last year, since she seems to use the same perches on the tower and other places nearby ( when male phoebes were singing frequently last spring, I never heard any singing from this bird, so I've assumed she is a female) . I think the south-facing sheet metal tower is a good place to find insects in cold weather, as it heats up during the day. 

There were a couple of CALIFORNIA GULLS (pretty sure they were not Ring-billed) soaring over the Marys/Willamette confluence today. I noticed a couple of flocks of CACKLING GEESE going by. 

On my ride home from work, I was lucky to watch our neighborhood BOBCAT pouncing on rodents in the grass. He and I looked at one other for a few minutes before he finally wandered away. 

Lisa Millbank 
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