[birding] Luckiamute State Natural Area: Post-t/of/urkey calorie-burning party this Friday 9 AM to noon

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Tue Nov 20 15:57:22 PST 2012

Hi all,

Due to the inauspicious weather forecast plus a general lack of
preparation on my part, this Friday's version of the annual
day-after-Thanksgiving work party at Luckiamute State Natural Area will
be an unambitious one.

I was hoping to have more native prairie/savanna seeds lined up for
broadcasting, but that's just not going to happen between now and Friday

Still, I know I'll need to burn off a few calories on Friday, and I
guess some of you might be of the same mind. So let's go ahead with a
weeding party. We can target mullein and a few other conspicuous
biennials/perennials which are the main green things out there right

We'll be working in the usual spot -- North Trailhead (Luckiamute
Landing part of LSNA), 9 AM to noon. As with all of our work parties,
you can come & go whenever you feel like it.

The tool of the day will be GARDEN SPADES. These work great for slicing
off the tap roots of weeds just below ground surface. A good sharp hoe
can also do the job, but puts a little more torque on your body. 

Here's an even better tool that's been developed for exactly this
purpose by Midwestern prairie enthusiasts:
It's too late to order one for this work party, but something to
consider if you're putting together your wish list for the season!

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you there on Friday!
541 745-5821

P.S. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! This is all contingent on being able to get to
the North Trailhead! Today the Luckiamute River was 3 or 4 feet below
the deck of the bridge at the entrance. If it keeps rising, it might
come over the access road, either at the bridge or closer to the
trailhead. I'll try to get over there to check water levels and give an
update on Thursday or else very early on Friday morning.

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