[birding] 2 new species for me at Jackson-Frazier

howard bruner hbrunerh at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 6 20:41:52 PDT 2012

Jackson-Frazier is fine form.  Baby red-winged blackbirds are abundant 
and full of sass, green herons are flying and gronking, several mallard 

are scattered along the boardwalk and today I saw two species I have not
 encountered at J-F previously.  A single bright male cinnamon teal came 

out into open water near the channel side deck (near the beginning of the left  fork going in).  It was followed by a mallard female with six 
young that are 90% 

grown and I found this same brood a week ago in the same area but of course the 
ducklings were somewhat smaller.  The other new species for me was a 

yellow-breasted chat out north of the north-most section of the boardwalk, caterwauling to beat the band.

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