[birding] Minto Brown Island Park Bird Walk, Wednesday, June 1

Tim Johnson tim.the.fisherman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 15:54:33 PDT 2011

Barbara Dolan and I were joined by four other birders on this Minto Brown
Island Park bird walk.  We saw several FOY birds for the park, including
Willow, Hammond's and Pacific-sloped flycatchers.  We identified the
Hammond's by its relatively short tail, long primary extension, short and
narrow bill, distinctive white eye-ring and notched tail.  It was perched
prominently at the tip top of a deciduous tree, giving us a good long look
at the bird.  We did not hear it vocalize, nor did we see any tail and wing
flips.  However, we believe that it was most likely a Hammond's.
The Willow Flycatcher was found at the edge of one of Minto Brown's hidden
ponds.  We identified it by its habitat, orange lower mandible color (no
dark tip), short primary extension, inconspicuous eye-ring.  It was a gray
bird with cream wing-bars (worn adult?).  We did not hear it vocalize.  The
Pacific-slop flycatcher was identified by its distinctive eye-ring and song
(repeatedly).  We saw one other Empid that we were unable to view long
enough to identify.

We often hear a Pileated woodpecker(s) in the park.  On this day we were
able to actually see one flying towards us.  Regarding the swallows,
sometimes we are able to pick out a Rough-winged swallow from the
swarms which frequent the ponds on the north end of the island.  Today we
had good looks a two Rough-wings sitting together on vegetation on the edge
of the Willamette River.

The next Minto Brown Park Bird Walk will be Wednesday, June 8, starting at
7:30am from parking lot #3 (at the end of the road into the park).  Birders
of all levels are welcome.

Number of species:     51

Wood Duck     3
Mallard     3
Great Blue Heron     2
Turkey Vulture     3
Osprey     2
Bald Eagle     1
Red-tailed Hawk     2
Killdeer     2
Spotted Sandpiper     1
Mourning Dove     3
Anna's Hummingbird     1
Rufous Hummingbird     1
Downy Woodpecker     2
Northern Flicker     2
Pileated Woodpecker     1
Western Wood-Pewee     11
Willow Flycatcher     1
Hammond's Flycatcher     1
Pacific-slope Flycatcher     3
Empidonax sp.     1
Cassin's Vireo     1
Warbling Vireo     9
Steller's Jay     1
Western Scrub-Jay     2
American Crow     3
Northern Rough-winged Swallow     2
Tree Swallow     3
Violet-green Swallow     2
Barn Swallow     2
Black-capped Chickadee     5
Bushtit     7
White-breasted Nuthatch     1
Bewick's Wren     6
Swainson's Thrush     6
American Robin     12
European Starling     8
Cedar Waxwing     30
Yellow Warbler     2
Common Yellowthroat     6
Wilson's Warbler     7
Spotted Towhee     8
Savannah Sparrow     3
Song Sparrow     15
White-crowned Sparrow     6
Dark-eyed Junco     2
Black-headed Grosbeak     9
Lazuli Bunting     6
Red-winged Blackbird     2
Brown-headed Cowbird     1
House Finch     2
Lesser Goldfinch     2
American Goldfinch     4
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