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For those who don't the location of this site, it might be helpful to give us a better idea where Tampico Rd. lies. I've seen it, but can't remember where.  


Dave Irons

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Thanks for checking up on the martins out there Pam.  We will be installing another rack and some individual boxes near the martin snags along Tampico Rd this week.  We are a little worried about the potential for vandalism at that site (many of the road and forest signs are shot up out there), but we wanted to provide some starling-resistant housing up close to the snags used by the martins.   We’d appreciate being notified if birders find damage to our nest structures.  FYI—We also placed a few nest boxes on snags at the top of the ridge near the 240 Rd.   Dave Vesely Oregon Wildlife InstituteCorvallis, Oregon  USA(541) 745-5025dave at oregonwildlife.orgwww.oregonwildlife.org   From: birding-bounces at midvalleybirding.org [mailto:birding-bounces at midvalleybirding.org] On Behalf Of Pam Otley
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Subject: [birding] Tampico Rd - Rd 100 Hello all,

I went to Rd 100 off of Tampico Rd yesterday afternoon, mainly to see if any Purple Martins had arrived.
Nope, did not see any PUMA.  I did see the new artificial "gourd rack" that has been installed by the Oregon
Wildlife Institute. (vacancies available)

Also seen along Rd 100, a Western Bluebird pair, a couple of Common Yellowthroats whichity whichity-ing, a male Rufous Hummingbird,
an Orange Crowned Warbler heard.

Happy birding,


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