[birding] Corvallis CBC Area 2

Paula Vanderheul vanderp at peak.org
Tue Dec 21 19:49:19 PST 2010


I birded Stahlbush Island road today with Bev Clark for the Corvallis CBC.
At the entrance to the Chamber's farm is an oxbow slough where there was a Chipping Sparrow
at the north end in the blackberry brambles behind a muddy pullout.
60 Wilson Snipe were flushed from the oxbow. 20 Great Blue Heron around the oxbow.

At the southeast intersection entrance we drove out to a quarry that had one Western Grebe, 50 Canvasback,
and other ducks.

At Peoria and White Oak Dr oxbow Owl creek we flushed a Green Heron.

It was a great day of birding.

Paula Vanderheul

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