[birding] Luckiamute Landing - no empid today

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Sat Sep 26 13:04:44 PDT 2009

Hello folks,

I bicycled over to Luckiamute Landing this morning in the hopes of
getting another look at yesterday's Empidonax flycatcher, but didn't
find any flycatchers at all. There is a lot of similar edge habitat
there. I covered about a half mile's worth, including parts adjacent to
the reed-canary grass slough which is where I found the most bird

Based on some additional info from banders who have worked with
Hammond's Flycatchers, I don't think hatch-year Hammond's is such as
good explanation for yesterday's bird. The bill would have to be on the
long end, and sounds like even an all-yellow lower mandible on the odd
HY bird shouldn't be that bright. So I think I'll leave it as a
CONFUSING EMPIDONAX SP., which come to think of it, is the most common
type that I seem to encounter in Oregon in fall.

Today's notables included a couple of late WARBLING VIREOS, another late
HOUSE WREN, and two RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS which were the first that I've
seen locally this fall. SWAINSON'S THRUSHES are still around.

Inside the gallery forest I found a group of SEVEN(!) BROWN CREEPERS
swarming over a couple of big cottonwoods that were growing
side-by-side! This site always has good numbers of creepers but it was
quite a sight to see that many leapfrogging over each other. A flock of
25 BAND-TAILED PIGEONS flew off as I was leaving.

Happy birding,

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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