[birding] McFadden Red-shouldered hawks and more; Swifts

Steve Seibel sseibel999 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 10:20:22 PDT 2009

This morning a red-shouldered hawk was screaming incessantly from somewhere
northwest of the blind at McFadden marsh, and a second red-shouldered hawk
dropped down to harass a Green Heron in front of the blind, then flew away,
then appeared again to harass a red-tailed hawk that was flying nearby, then
perched for a while before flying away.  I got some nice photos I'll post
later.  Lots of barn swallows there-- maybe they are massing for migration.
Following Ron's tip I went to American Dream Pizza last night and watched
the Swifts from a vortex around 7:55 PM.  They dropped into some chimney
just east of my location, seemed like must be on some building on the west
side of 1st street.  Steve
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