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1. as dave says below we had excellent luck on our 4th trip to fern ridge to look for common terns. and they came very close to the dam as well as 2 beautiful adult sabine's gulls.
2. i would like to mention that for newer corvallis area birders, fern ridge is the place to be this time of year not only for these birds, but mostly for shorebirds. there is very little shorebird habitat in benton county - philomath sewage ponds sometimes has shorebirds on the pond scum, cabell has some decent mud in southeast corner, and e e wilson may have some spots, but nothing compared to fern ridge.
3. at fern ridge as the water levels drop on north side of the royal avenue path there can be lots of shorebirds and a good variety as well. 
4. there will be a local corvallis audubon 1/2 day field trip next saturday the 13th and i will likely look for shorebirds at cabell and maybe philomath. then on saturday the 19th corvallis audubon will do an all day trip to fern ridge to hopefully see shorebirds and lots of other birds. if you have not been to fern ridge i recommend it.
Rich Armstrong
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Greetings All,

After calling my mom to have her post news about the small Sterna terns and Sabine's Gulls, the terns came within a few hundred yards allowing me to determine that they were Commons. Later, a noticed a lone tern with a different flight style and much paler upper wings. I finally got a good look at it and it was a basic-plumaged Forster's Tern.

Two of the three Sabine's Gulls were adults, which is a bit unusual. Most of the inland birds (almost always during Sept.) are juveniles.

After running some errands, I went back out late in the afternoon and met up with Rich and Nanette Armstrong. We got great looks at the Sabine's Gulls and the Common Terns, but did not relocate the Forster's. We also had about 5-6 Red-necked Phalaropes.

Dave Irons
Eugene, OR

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