[birding] Bold Coopers

Kaynor kaynor at centurytel.net
Wed Sep 2 16:28:30 PDT 2009

I was biking around Cheadle Lake in Lebanon the other day and was surprized to see a Cooper's Hawk chase a female Wood Duck through the trees until she dove headfirst into the lake.  She was screaming bloody murder the whole way.  I've always thought of Coops as going after songbirds - I can't imagine an accipiter killing a duck, but it sure seemed to try - and the duck sure was worried.  Once the Wood Duck came up for air and paddled away on the water surface, the Coop lost interest.  Anybody ever heard of an accipiter actually killing a duck?

Also, can anyone give me any exact addresses where swifts seem to be tornado-ing?  I've still never seen it.


Kaynor Heineck
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