[birding] Mandarin Duck at McFadden, 25 May

Douglas Robinson douglas.robinson at oregonstate.edu
Mon May 25 16:49:07 PDT 2009

A male MANDARIN DUCK was with other ducks in the north section of McFadden
Marsh at Finley early this morning.  It flew quite well and behaved
appropriately, taking flight and fleeing when an eagle came by. Although its
origin is certainly questionable, it was still fun seeing one in that
plumage "in the wild."

Also, a male COCKATIEL flew over our house in Corvallis this afternoon. It
was also behaving normally: screeching that horrible noise they always make.

Last, the BAR-HEADED GOOSE continued, at least through Saturday, at Baskett
Slough. It was also fully flighted, had no signs of captivity, and had both
its halluxes. An argument that it is a wild bird would potentially have some

Seems we have been invaded by exotics lately.

On another note, EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVES are downright common around
Corvallis now. What an amazing range expansion. All the way across North
America in essentially less than 20 years, occupying all sorts of habitats.
That's remarkable!

Have fun out there

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