[birding] Finley Grasshopper Sparrows

Molly Monroe monroemolly at hotmail.com
Thu May 21 19:32:07 PDT 2009

Second hand report from some visiting birders this morning. They came in asking specifically for areas to look for Grasshopper Sparrow so I gave them a map of the wet prairie that Jarod created last year. They left me a note before they left saying they were able to find two on the southeast corner of North Prairie. If you walk out N Prairie Rd to the east, then take the fire road to the south, it sounds like they were near some rose thickets before you get to the next fire road which divides North from Middle Prairie. Great to hear they're back!!
They also mentioned to Jarod they spotted a whimbrel out there (?), maybe in the disced up portion of what we call M-dikes, to the east of N Prairie, not sure.
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