[birding] Central Benton Co. Raptor Run 2/17/09

Marcia F. Cutler marciafcutler at comcast.net
Tue Feb 17 21:44:03 PST 2009

Today, Jan Landau, Wanda Parrott and I did this month’s raptor run for
Central Benton Co.  Compared to last month, numbers of American Kestrels,
Northern Harriers and Northern Rough-legged Hawks were down a little bit.
However, there were more Red-tailed Hawks.  Interestingly, the increase in
numbers was confined primarily to the east side of Highway 99W (Kiger Island
(+2) and Lakeside Dr – which is off Smith Loop (+10).  Normally, raptor
numbers on this side of the highway are rather sparse, but there were quite
a few paired off Red-tails and lots of aerial courtships. The unidentified
Buteos and other raptors were mostly lurking in the far southern reaches of
the prairie seen from the Prairie Overlook at Finley.  The buteos were
probably Red-tails.  One perched, immature hawk seen from the back was
either a small Red-tailed Hawk or a Red-shouldered Hawk.  The Bald Eagles
were at Cabell Marsh, one at either end.  The Peregrine Falcon was perched
in a tree west of the Corvallis Airport.


We covered 62 miles in 5.25 hrs. including about ½ hr. walk on the boardwalk
to Cabell Marsh.  January’s totals are in parentheses


Red-tailed Hawk – 50 (42)

American Kestrel – 12 (15)

Northern Harrier – 12 (15)

Bald Eagle – 1 adult, 1 immature (1 immature, 2 unknown)

Rough-legged Hawk – 9 (11)

White-tailed Kite – 0 (3)

Peregrine Falcon – 1 (0)

Burrowing Owl – 1 (1)

Unidentified Buteos – 4 (5)

Unidentified Raptors – 4 (2)


Marcia F. Cutler


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