[birding] no pine grosbeak

rich armstrong richarmstrong at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 13:09:21 PST 2009

4 of us ventured up mary's peak this morning and did not find doug's pine grosbeak. it was beautiful weather, an easy walk (in my opinion they should have the gate open to the top) all the way to the upper parking lot, but no birds. in 2.5 hours we called in 1 NORTHERN PYGMY OWL and it flew to a little tree and hooted for a couple minutes - excellent, but other than that had to work for a few chestnut-backed chickadees and a winter wren. not only did we see no chicken birds there were no robins or bluebirds or ravens or woodpeckers or anything. on the drive up and down we had many VARIED THRUSHES.
maybe the pine grosbeak will move down and end up at a feeder near you, so keep a lookout.
Rich Armstrong
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