[birding] Gray Jays

Joel Geier clearwater at peak.org
Mon Feb 2 09:01:51 PST 2009

Hi Gail & All,

Gray Jays are out there in Mac-Dunn State Forests and deeper in the
Coast Range, but are seldom seen, so that's a good sighting.

This *is* a species that takes a lot of "getting out there," at least on
the west side of the Willamette Valley. In the Cascades, Gray Jays are
pretty easy to find because they live up to the name, "camp robber." In
particular, they're easy to see if you take small kids camping or hiking
-- seems like they home right in on children's voices, in hopes of easy
pickings from clumsy little fingers.

The Gray Jays in the deeper Coast Range, though of the same subspecies,
do not seem to manifest this behavior -- perhaps due to fewer campers? A
few reportedly do habituate to feeders on Vineyard Mtn and elsewhere, so
that's usually how we get them on Christmas Bird Counts.

Happy birding,

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 08:46 -0800, Gail Andrews wrote:
> I saw a couple of GRAY JAYS on the Old Growth Trail in McDonald Forest
> (off of Sulfur Springs Road) yesterday.  I only mention it because
> these are the first I have seen this year and I was surprised to see
> them.  Do I just need to get out more?
> Gail Andrews
> PS -- saw lots of GREEN JAYS in South Texas last week--a little out of
> our area.

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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