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Mon Sep 15 20:10:39 PDT 2008

1. this saturday (sept 20) will be the 1st FULL DAY trip of the corvallis audubon season.
2. it will be to fern ridge west of eugene. fern ridge has been called malheur west, and i would call it the best place in the wilamette valley for variety of birds.
3. this saturday, and ALL saturdays from now on, we will meet at Benton Center 757 NW Polk Ave (this is behind border's book store back toward left corner of back lot), NOT at the rose garden, at 730 am for carpooling. i hope to take as few vehicles as possible (my van seats 7 and hopefully others have vans, and hopefully riders will contribute gas money to other drivers) i expect to be back there by about 5 pm. 
4. i have taken over as coordinator of these trips from paula vanderhuel who has done a fantastic job for many years.
5. i see the schedule sort of as follows (subject to birds seen this week) 
    a. we will walk out royal avenue (i suggest shoes that tolerate a little mud) and probably spend 2-3 hours out there. because of all the breakins cheryl's husband has graciously volunteered to guard the cars
    b. then probably lunch (everyone should bring food & drink) probably on perkins peninsula side.
    c. explore south side of fern ridge
    d. end at the dam and/or orchard park
    e. hope to leave there about 4, no later than 430
6. so far weather forcast looks good???????????
Rich Armstrong
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