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1. paula, marcia, nanette, & i walked the cabell lake road from about 615-730 - no black throated sparrow.
2. there were 5 WHITE PELICAN on lake.
3. there were 5 GREAT EGRETS
4. at least 2 probably 3 GREAT-HORNED OWLS serenaded us from the east side.
5. 1 FOX, 10+ WHITE-THROATED along with the usual song sparrows.
6. 2 empidonax flycatchers - based on very little eye ring and al orange lower mandible i suspect normal willow flycatchers - but no sounds and short looks.
7. lots of goldfinches and still heard a couple yellow-throats.
8. a "flock" of about 50 RAVENS flew over heading west.
Rich Armstrong
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My apologies for my brevity on the Black-throated Sparrow posting. The bird was seen Sunday along the Cabell Marsh road. It was in the late morning. First we saw it on the north side of the marsh and it flew off into some small trees near the marsh edge. A half hour later it showed up again at the southwest corner of the marsh. We went back there later in the day and didn't see it. It was rather restless and I would not expect to see it there again. Wouldn't hurt to look anyway.

Don Boucher
Corvallis, OR


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