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1. 7 of us enjoyed beautiful weather this morning on the 1/2 day corvallis 
audubon field trip.
2. after doug's call we decided to start at south wilameete park. about 2 
hours of searching the area did not locate any of the 3 of doug's warblers.
3. we scoured at least 4 or 5 chickadee flocks that included bushtit flocks, 
brown creeper, bewick's wren, wilson's warbler, peewees, pacific-slope 
flycatcher, empidonax sp, and many many waxwings. there were 2 brief 
sightings of swifts that seemed to have white showing, but neither got good 
4. the river is quite low but saw only cormorants and a couple wood ducks.
5. we then went down to bruce road hoping for a horned lark flock (we found 
zero) or a migrant (we found zero).
6. many turkey vultures, a harrier, and a red-tail soared. hundreds of barn 
swallows sitting on the ground was interesting. there were 7 great egrets 
and zero shorebirds back on the drying out cheadle marsh.
Rich Armstrong
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> This morning near the south parking lot of Willamette Park in Corvallis,
> there was a hatch-year female Magnolia Warbler, Tennessee Warbler and a
> Nashville Warbler feeding with a flock of Black-capped Chickadees. The 
> birds
> were all high in a cottonwood and seemed to be moving south.
> The ASC field trip had several people looking for the birds about 40 
> minutes
> after I found them but had no luck by the time that I had left the park.
> I think the Magnolia is a first county record and the Tennessee is about 
> the
> fourth.
> Have fun! Migration is well underway.
> Doug
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