[birding] Belated report-Diamond Hill Wetland (Brownsville area)-SANDERLING

Snetsinger, Thomas Thomas.Snetsinger at oregonstate.edu
Wed Sep 3 06:31:48 PDT 2008

Hi All,
My apologies to anyone who wanted to chase this bird. I got a call from Rich and Paulette Armstrong yesterday (9/2) afternoon. (I thought that I had sent a message, but it ended up in my drafts folder). He reported no sign of the AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER found on Monday by Mark Nikas. However, he did say they could make out "several" SANDERLINGS. Other than that and a handful of phalaropes (presumably RED-NECKED PHALAROPES) they saw typical shorebirds for the area. He said the heat waves made bird ID very difficult but he was sure there was nothing golden-plover-like that was visible.
Tom Snetsinger
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