[birding] Peoria Pyrrhuloxia

M & R Campbell campbell at peak.org
Wed Nov 12 12:16:46 PST 2008

The Pyrr has been relocated in a scrubby area about one block south of our house (two blocks north of the church).  At this moment, seven birders all more reliable than I am have it surrounded.  This bird is probably as likely to be found along Main Street as anywhere else.  (It's probably been in town for awhile without being noticed.)  Birders are welcome to park in front of our shop, or down at the Church, or down by the park at the other end of town.  

Our neighbor with the dump trucks would appreciate it if you didn't look at his house with your binocs, or rile up his dogs.  He's not as mean as he looks, but he looks pretty mean.

I'll throw some seed around in the scrub.


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