[birding] Re: [obol] Linn Pyrrhuloxia

Rich Hoyer calliope at theriver.com
Wed Nov 12 11:08:40 PST 2008

Hi Randy and All,

Great find! Pyrrhuloxia is not a strongly migratory species, but it is  
not sedentary and does wander some. I think there are records of long- 
distance vagrants, but to be sure I just posted a question about its  
vagrancy pattern to the North American Bird Distribution e-mail list (http://groups.google.com/group/NABirdDist 

Randy or other visiting birders — please scatter seed in publicly  
accessible brush piles! Safflower and sunflower seed would be best.  
I'll be arriving in Corvallis in a week from tonight, and it would fun  
if the bird were still around.

Good Birding,

Rich Hoyer
Tucson, Arizona

Senior Leader for WINGS

On Nov 12, 2008, at 11:39 AM, M & R Campbell wrote:

> I have a Pyrrhuloxia behind my house right now (10 am, Wed.)  My  
> house is in Peoria.  Peoria is about ten miles south of Corvallis,  
> east of the Willamette River, on Peoria Road.  It shows up in the  
> DeLorme Atlas, p. 47 A7.  The old church is the most obvious  
> landmark for this missable little town.  Our house is 29756 Main  
> Street, beside the river.  It's bluegray with a junky front porch.   
> We also own the little yellow Victorian place immediately to the  
> south.  If you want to hunt for this bird, park in front of the  
> white shop between the two houses.  No need to knock.  The bird was  
> hopping around among the ground feeders behind the blue house, and  
> you are welcome to walk down the little road to look around, or head  
> down to the river.  (Warning: the owner of these properties has been  
> described as an unpredictable rat-bastard, but I've always found him  
> reasonable.)
> Oh, by the way, the Pyrr looks like a female, with only a hint of  
> red on the crest, beside the eye, on the primaries, I think, and on  
> the outer tail feathers.  The bill is rounded and pale yellowish.  I  
> took some pictures which I will pass on sometime.
> There is a Black Phoebe in town, too, and probably some other good  
> birds that I haven't seen.
> Randy Campbell
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