[birding] Linn Pyrrhuloxia

M & R Campbell campbell at peak.org
Wed Nov 12 10:39:13 PST 2008

I have a Pyrrhuloxia behind my house right now (10 am, Wed.)  My house is in Peoria.  Peoria is about ten miles south of Corvallis, east of the Willamette River, on Peoria Road.  It shows up in the DeLorme Atlas, p. 47 A7.  The old church is the most obvious landmark for this missable little town.  Our house is 29756 Main Street, beside the river.  It's bluegray with a junky front porch.  We also own the little yellow Victorian place immediately to the south.  If you want to hunt for this bird, park in front of the white shop between the two houses.  No need to knock.  The bird was hopping around among the ground feeders behind the blue house, and you are welcome to walk down the little road to look around, or head down to the river.  (Warning: the owner of these properties has been described as an unpredictable rat-bastard, but I've always found him reasonable.)

Oh, by the way, the Pyrr looks like a female, with only a hint of red on the crest, beside the eye, on the primaries, I think, and on the outer tail feathers.  The bill is rounded and pale yellowish.  I took some pictures which I will pass on sometime.  

There is a Black Phoebe in town, too, and probably some other good birds that I haven't seen.

Randy Campbell
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