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Seen June 14, 2008 Another dusk at Finley and I finally saw a Wrentit.  I was headed down the road as it passes the Fichter house, in the area where the cattle are sometimes grazed, when I heard the call of a Wrentit.  That area has thick brush growing right up to the edge of the road and I could see a little brown bird flitting around in the the interior of the shrubs.  It was moving fast, but I could very briefly see a fairly long, cocked tail for fractions of seconds.   And then, for only a  brief moment, there was a white eye staring at me out of the gloom - a Wrentit!, my first sure sight of one. About 8:45 PM, I heard a Nighthawk over the Prairie overlook, but didn't see it. As I left about 9:00 PM, there was a Great Horned Owl perched on the power lines along Finley Refuge Road, as I drove east, it would swoop over to the next pole to keep its distance from me. Carolyn Paynter

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