[birding] Willamette Valley larks (& young scrub-jays)

Joel Geier clearwater at peak.org
Mon Jun 16 06:21:23 PDT 2008

Hello again,

Sorry, I sent yesterday's note in a hurry and left out one topic that
was in the subject line:

On Saturday evening, my daughter Martha and I saw a couple of fledgling
WESTERN SCRUB-JAYS hopping around in a thicket near the top of Coffin
Butte, the first fledgling jays that I've seen this spring. We looked in
vain for Western Fence Lizards (probably too late in the day), but we
did have a close flyover by a male LAZULI BUNTING as we came down the

The Menzie's Larkspur is blooming in abundance atop the butte, but most
other native wildflowers including the Tolmie's mariposa-lily (cat's
ear) and Oregon iris are done blooming now.

Happy birding,

P.S. Coffin Butte is in Benton County about 10 miles north of Corvallis,
across Hwy 99W from the main portion of E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, and
on the north side of Coffin Butte Regional Landfill. The southeastern
part of the butte is managed as part of the wildlife area. Access is via
a trail that leads from a small gravel parking lot with signboard, on
the west side of Hwy 99W about 1/4 mile north of Camp Adair Rd.

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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