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Greetings All,

I received the following response regarding directions to where the COMMON GRACKLE was observed yesterday at Fern Ridge Res.

Dave Irons

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Subject: Re: Grackle at Fern Ridge
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 06:03:58 -0700

Hi again,The address I sent directions to bounced the email back at me, so here's what I wrote:A Common Grackle was seen at the Fern Ridge reservoir on June 11th. The bird was seen from the observation deck which can be reached by parking at the end of Royal Avenue and taking the gravel road as it continues until you reach an opportunity to go left and cross over to another raised road on which you would continue southwest by bearing right.I hope you see it!
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Hi Isabella,

Harry Nehls forwarded the image of the   blackbird you photographed at Fern Ridge today.  It appears to be a   Grackle to me.  Where exactly at Fern Ridge was this bird seen?  A   Common Grackle (which this appears to be) would be quite rare in Lane Co. as I   know of just two other county record.  There are several local birders   who would be interested in looking for this bird.  If you could send me   good directions to the spot, I will post them to Oregon Birders Online   (OBOL).  If you are an OBOL subscriber, I would encourage you to post the   directions yourself.


Dave Irons
Eugene, OR

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