[birding] no birds at e e wilson

rich armstrong richarmstrong at comcast.net
Mon Jan 14 16:00:24 PST 2008

stupid me (i think that is redundant) took marcia cutler and nanette out to e e wilson at 1230 to try to find sedge wren and tree sparrow. we had no rain gear since it was ice when we left the house. by the time we got out to the shed the wind seemed like it was blowing 25 mph. then it began raining. so no birds seemed to come up or stay up and we couldn't see the ones that did through rain on glasses and binoculars. there was a huge flock of sparrows about 100 yards south of the shed sort of moving in a circle around to the southeast but we could only find white & golden-crowned of the few we got to see.
we flushed 1 bird in the area where doug had the wren, but it dove into a thicket never to appear again.
we did have a cooperative MERLIN right next to hq building.
we all ended completely soaked. i do have a knack for going to places at the wrong times.
Rich Armstrong
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