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1. nanette & paula & marcia & i made the mistake of driving out to e e wilson, walking the 1+ miles out to where the tree sparrow was yesterday, and looking around for it for 1+ hours. not only did we not see any tree sparrow we all got soaked even with rain suits on.
2. there was a flock in the same sunflower patch, but my perception was that it was a smaller flock of juncos and golden-crowns. they did not cooperate at all today as they flushed earlier, went into bushes instead of sitting on top, and did not come back to the sunflowers but went elsewhere.
3. we split up and covered a lot of the area including finding some flocks of juncos and golden-crowns, but no tree sparrow. 
4. there are still a lot of LINCOLN'S SPARROWS and PURPLE FINSHES as well as hundreds of AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES. again we had 1 WHITE-THROATED SPARROW.
5. thankfully jamie called and gave us a great excuse to leave - we drove home, changed clothes and blasted down to see the wonderful and cooperative MOUNTAIN PLOVER south of brownsville.
6. on the way home we saw the BURROWING OWL on davis and a GREAT-HORNED OWL on the street where we didn't see the mockingbird.
Rich Armstrong
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1. paula vanderhuel and i met cheryl whelchel out at e e wilson and did a long walk looking for palm warbler.
2. we did not find the palm warbler, but we did find an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW - another example of the patagonia picnic table effect. it was in a flock of golden-crowned sparrows and juncos eating sunflowers. there were many LINCOLN'S SPARROWS and 1 WHITE-THROATED SPARROW in the area. i guess it was about 230 pm.
3. directions
    a. take the same hq road as for the palm warbler.
    b. go all the way to the northmost east-west road
    c. go right (east) about 100 feet
    d. on the left is an opening that goes to a sunflower field with a small pond behind it.
    e. all the birds were in that field and would flush to surrounding bushes and back to the field
4. cheryl got some pictures and will post at least the best on her website - she will email the group when she gets home and gets it downloaded
5. since nanette was snowboarding at hoodoo today i am sure i will be going out tomorrow with her to look for the sparrow as well as the palm warbler. if anyone wants to go with us (i would guess maybe 10 am depending on weather) let me know.
6. i apologize for not calling all the people i always call, but nanette has the cell phone.
Rich Armstrong


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