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Hey folks,

I couldn't tell if Joe's email had come through as readable to most of you
(It was garbled in my digest version), so I wanted to let you know that this
Thursday's AVES talk on the OSU campus has been changed.  We are not hearing
from Dr.'s Haig and Anthony about spotted owls, rather Grant Ballard, from
PRBO Conservation Science, will be speaking about his research on Adelie
Penguins on Ross Island in Antarctica (www.penguinscience.com).  AVES is an
informal Avian Ecology Study Group formed a couple years ago in response to
the increased number of ornithological types on campus.  We have a weekly
seminar series each fall and winter terms (Thursday's, 1-2pm, 10 Nash Hall).
I'm sending this from home, but if anyone is interested in learning who the
speakers will be for the remaining 3 weeks of winter term, I can post to the
list when I get to the office.    



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Hi folks,

Sue Haig (of Corvallis Audubon as well as OSU) will be one of the speakers
at this talk at OSU on Thursday. Looks like a very interesting chance to
hear the latest on the status of Northern Spotted Owls.


Rana Foster wrote:

Hopefully this event will not be cancelled. 
  Perhaps call ahead to confirm that this talk is occurring. Dr Sue Haig and
Dr. Anthony speakers. 
 737-4531 OS fish and wildlife Dept. Dr. Dan Edge- Chair. 
   Regards, Rana. 
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Thursday, February 28
OSU/Fisheries & Wildlife presents (Drs. Haig and Anthony): "Update on
spotted owl recovery". 1:00-1:50, Room 10 Nash Hall 


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