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Mon Feb 25 12:18:33 PST 2008

At about 9:40 the mockingbird was perched in the birch tree on the north side of Maple just east of 13th.  I went to find Doug Robinson who I had seen in my neighborhood (Garryanna, Terracegreen) and when we returned it was gone.  However, as we looked around, it flew from the west side of 13th, east towards 12th (or whatever the next street east is, might be Dixon?).  I then left for work and Doug went looking...

rich armstrong <richarmstrong at comcast.net> wrote:
          1. nanette, marcia cutler, paula vanderhuel, and i found the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD about 9 this morning. it seemed to be between 13th and 14th sort of behind 2210 13th. for us it perched on the phone wire a few times and dropped straight down. based on what matt hunter reported it may be feeding in backyards right there between 13th and the curve on 14th. i suggest picking the 13th or 14th side and waiting. the bird did not make a sound while we were there.
  2. we then went and found the TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE although not as cooperative as only 2 of us saw it. it perched on a tall tree behind 3913 clarence circle, which is almost exactly where it was found sunday. it flew down and despite 4 of us looking for probably another hour we did not refind it.
  3. but it appears both birds have been in their respective areas for a few days or more - hopefully many of you will get to see these birds.
  Rich Armstrong
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