[birding] Central Benton Raptor Run 2/19/08

Marcia F. Cutler marciafcutler at comcast.net
Tue Feb 19 21:48:44 PST 2008

I conducted the Central Benton Raptor Run today with Rich Armstrong.  We
covered 64 miles between Finley NWR and the south edge of Corvallis in 3.8
hours.  Raptor sightings were for the most part very slow except for Refuge
Rd.   We saw 23 of the 67 raptors on this road.  Robins however were
extremely plentiful showing up in large numbers in almost every field.
Here's our totals:


Red-tailed Hawk: 24

American Kestrel: 14

Northern Harrier: 13

Bald Eagle: 2 adults

Rough-legged Hawk: 5

White-tailed Kite: 5 - possibly a new high.  3 were at the Prairie Overlook
and 2 were further east near the railroad tracks

Peregrine Falcon: 1 immature

Falcon, sp.: 1

Raptor, sp.: 1

Burrowing Owl: 1


We didn't see the Burrowing Owl when we initially drove down Llewellyn.  A
small crop spraying plane was being refueled on the airstrip and the owl was
sensibly nowhere in sight.  We drove back down the road to the airstrip a
little after noon and found the Burrowing Owl sitting next to a culvert
across the road from the airstrip.  According to Molly Monroe's posting, it
seems the owl has had to deal with human disruptions for a week now.  It's
amazing how tolerant he appears to be of  all the activity!


Marcia F. Cutler


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