[birding] White-Tailed Kite at Finley today

Tasha Leonard tleonard30 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 18 20:35:01 PST 2008

Dear List,


I'm new to the list and have enjoyed the entries.  At Finley today, just
before dusk near the Prairie overlook south of Finley Road, 

we saw a White-Tailed Kite fly over, hover, and then drop straight down with
its wings raised. It came up empty. 


I found a great clip on YouTube of a White-tailed Kite when I Googled "White
Tail Kite Finley" that I'm pretty sure this video was taken by someone on
this list. 




Also an Anna's Hummingbird is back this year, gathering "down" from the old
cattail that I've hung in the grapevine by our front porch. 


Tasha and Scott Leonard


Witham Hill




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