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Don Boucher bouchdon at peak.org
Sun Feb 17 13:20:59 PST 2008

2-17-08 Jackson-Frazier Wetland

The Neighborhood Naturalist's Adventure today was productive with lots of bird activity. Most notably, a male Northern Harrier was performing a dramatic display flight which attracted 3 female harriers. There were at least half a dozen Virginia Rails calling. At the first pullout on the boardwalk (that faces west) there was a male Anna's Hummingbird perching and displaying occasionally. Most other birds were active and singing including Hutton's Vireos.

Future Naturalist Adventures
Sundays, 9am-Noon
Mar 16
Apr 20
May 18

Meet at Avery Park Rose Garden, Avery Park in Corvallis (1210 SW Avery Park Dr, Corvallis)
Tracking - Wild Edibles - Native Plants - Birding
Each trip will focus on a seasonal topic of interest. Sometimes we may seek edible plants, find mushrooms, visit a tracking spot or watch birds. Trips will be conducted in a 'poke-around' fashion and we will ignore nothing of interest. If you want to learn about tracking, these field trips are for you. Since tracking is best learned as holistic nature observation, other topics we study will be relevant.
. Children are welcome, but trips are not structured for small children. (~ under 8 years, call or email with questions)
. Please leave dogs at home.
. Bring water, binoculars, rain gear, and shoes that can get muddy.

Don Boucher
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