[birding] Finley Owling Field Trip: recordings posted

Don Boucher bouchdon at peak.org
Sat Feb 16 09:34:56 PST 2008

Finley National Wildlife Refuge, Feb 15

Finley National Wildlife Refuge officials, Friends of the Valley Refuge Complex, and Audubon Society of Corvallis teamed for fabulous nighttime adventure.

Short-eared Owl (Prairie Overlook south of Finley Rd.)
Barn Owl (near barn at HQ)
Western Screech-Owl (Woodpecker Loop)
Northern Saw-whet Owl (Mill Hill)
Great Horned Owl (various locations)

For those who missed out and for those who participated but this was your first owling trip, I have a disclaimer or a clarification to make. This was the most productive owling trip in my entire life! Owl field trips are notoriously fickle and often you sometimes don't encounter any owls. I was pretty confident that the group would have heard a Great Horned Owl, as there are many on the refuge, but was not counting on anything else. Screech Owl and Barn Owl were a decent possibility but the Saw-whet and Short-eared were unexpected treasures.

In addition to owls, there were vast choruses of Pacific Chorus Frogs and the waterfowl on Cabell Marsh, most notably the Tundra Swans, were very vocal. It was a magical, moonlit night!

I posted sounds recorded that night on the Neighborhood Naturalist web site. The Screech Owl, Saw-whet Owl and Tundra Swans.
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Don Boucher
Corvallis, OR
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