[birding] 300 Canada Geese? Duskies? (And Bluebirds again)

Cynthia Craven cynthiacraven at verizon.net
Fri Feb 8 16:50:02 PST 2008


Hi List,


Riding my bike on NW Harrison again today (around 3:30pm), I saw what I
think might have been around 300 dusky Canada Geese on the south side of the
road in the field west of the old empty OSU dairy house.  Someone who knows
more than I do might like to have a look.  I had no binocs!  They all
appeared to be resting peacefully in the field.


Also saw two WESTERN BLUEBIRDS in the tree and on a fence right by the
abandoned OSU dairy house on NW Harrison.  (Almost hate to mention them, as
I know how bored you all get with this annoying variety of bird..*chuckle*).


I will read up on the bluebirds, but am wondering - since I keep seeing them
in this area around the OSU Dairy and along Harrison - would this be a good
place to put some bluebird boxes??


Thanks all!



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