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Thu Feb 7 12:00:36 PST 2008

1. to get out of the house when it was not raining i headed to north benton county this morning.
2. the adair fishing pond that had mergansers last time did not have 1 duck or anything today.
3. the dump had 1 adult GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL, but that was it among the hundreds of crows and ravens.
4. toketie continues to have 1 adult CINAMON TEAL among many green-winged. no ring-necks today.
5. the most interesting spot was around 28709 robison road - west of wiles road but before polk county.
    a. east of house was nice flock of WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS with golden-crowns all over.
    b. also saw 3 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS (did not find roy gerig's mountain bluebird) with a couple house finches.
    c. in barn (i use that term loosely) across from house there were 2 BARN OWLS. i have no idea when barn owls begin nesting time, but there were 2
    d. west of house on right there is now a lake and more ponds (significant dstance from road so scope is better). there were ducks (mallards, 100+ pintails, 100+ green-winged teal, a few shovelers, and a few wigeon), both 1 GREAT EGRET and 1 great blue heron, shorebirds (50+ dowichers and 100+ dunlin), raptors (1 WHITE-TAILED KITE, 1 ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK, a red-tail, 2 harriers, and a kestral), 100+ red-winged blackbirds with all the starlings and robins, and 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW with the golden-crowns, songs, and fox.
    e. another field further west were 100+ killdeer - i keep checking killdeer fields and someday i hope to find a golden plover with them - i keep trying.
Rich Armstrong
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