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Linda Fink linda at fink.com
Thu Feb 7 07:58:27 PST 2008

Hi, I just joined this list after reading, via the web, the interesting 
info on Wrentit distribution that Joel posted. I enjoy hearing what 
other folks in other areas of the valley are seeing. We seem to have a 
different distribution here than Cynthia has reported from her Corvallis 
(I think?) location. I'm especially interested in any sightings of 
White-tailed Kites and Wrentits, as those are two species that have 
moved into the Grand Ronde area (where I live) in recent years.

I'm hoping the White-breasted Nuthatches find us soon as they come to 
feeders just a mile up the road from me where a neighbor has a big grove 
of oak trees. We have mixed deciduous and fir here, along with streams, 
pond and pastures. Red-breasted Nuthatches are resident here, but no 
White-breasted so far. And no bluebirds! I love them, too, Cynthia.

This time of year, the regulars in front of the barn, where I throw 
seed, are: Golden-crowned Sparrows (30-50), 1 White-crowned Sparrow, 1 
White-throated Sparrow (tan stripe), 6-8 Steller Jays, 4-6 Scrub Jays, 
6-8 Spotted Towhees, usually 6 Fox Sparrows and the same number of Song 
Sparrows, 2-11 Calif. Quail, 6 or so Juncos, a dozen House Sparrows, a 
couple of Townsends Chipmunks, and 2 or 3 Brush Rabbits. Sometimes the 
resident Starlings show up as well. I keep hoping for Lincoln's Sparrows 
but none have ever appeared. Poking around through the grass in front of 
the barn, but not eating my seed, are usually several Northern Flickers. 
Around the house are a couple of Varied Thrush. The pastures are full of 
Robins. A Cooper's Hawk can usually be seen at the top of the big fir in 
our driveway or on one of the other tall firs in the neighborhood. (Why 
the Birds of Oregon book says they're shy and secretive is beyond me -- 
this one sure isn't). A lone male Kestrel hunts from our bamboo poles 
that hold swallow gourd nests in the pasture behind the barn.

I look forward to hearing what y'all are seeing in your areas.

Linda Fink, at the western edge of the mid-valley, in SW Yamhill County, 
near Grand Ronde

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