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Male House Sparrows started territorial behavior in Eugene about January 25.
I'll see what I can do about that.
Alan Contreras

It's almost that time for us too! I've seen house sparrows checking out our boxes this last week!
For those who are willing and able to trap, we've had great success with this trap that someone from OBOL 
turned me onto years ago, thought I'd pass it on again:


What I like most about it is that you can use it in different boxes and that it's a live trap triggered by the bird 
so if a swallow happens to go in, you can release it quickly (we've never had to do that). We usually put the 
trap up after the sparrows have chased the swallows off and start nest building. I make my husband do the dirty 
part of the job, the swallows promptly return and try again. We've also added several of the smaller/oblong holed 
nest boxes but the sparrows figured out that the female could squeeze in and the male could deliver materials to 
her while she was inside. I figured out that the female sparrow had killed one of our incubating swallows and quickly 
put up a latter to took care of that one! It is a constant battle with nest boxes around the neighborhood encouraging 
sparrows to nest, we've got a large population of sparrows around but put a healthy dent in them every spring! 
Looking forward to the swallows returning!

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