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I just received this e-mail from Trent.  He said he saw it between 1:35 and 2:20.

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My name is Trent Bray and am a birder who lives in La Grande, OR.  I am not subscribed to Oregon Birders On Line, but I regularly check OBOL via Birding on the.net.  I followed the recent postings with interest regarding the BROWN THRASHER which was found in Silverton, OR.  I was in the Portland area for the holidays and my mother Jeri and I drove to Silverton today (12/29,monday) and relocated the bird in the described location along Quarry Street.  I got some diagnostic photos and some video.  This species has only been documented in the state 27 times, and I am wondering if someone has sent the OBRC some details?  Also, I wanted to thank you and Matthew for posting and updating the list with the status of the bird.  This was a bird I had tried to see for years in Oregon and finally did thanks to you all.  If possible, could you forward this post to Matthew?  Upon my return home, Birding on the.net had updated and Mattew's original post with email was no longer available.  Thanks in advance.

Good birding,

- Trent 

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