[birding] Brown Thrasher

Carl & Christine Schneiders cncschneider at msn.com
Mon Dec 29 17:09:01 PST 2008


The Thrasher was last seen Saturday morning.  I went looking for it this afternoon but did not find it.  I had to leave early on account of wind and rain.  The times it has been seen it has been in some Rhododendrons in the yard of the fifth house on the left.  The house is a gray two story.  The 3 times it was seen were in the morning around 8:00-10:00.  Farther down on the left is an apple tree with fruit underneath it and since thrashers eat fruit it might be worth checking.  Even farther down are some old water filled quarries that typically have a wide variety of water birds on them.  There also is a road a block to the west of Quarry Rd., called Setness Ln., that might be worth checking out for the Thrasher.

Matthew Schneider
Silverton, Oregon
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