[birding] Mew Gull, Pyrrhuloxia, Burrowing Owl 21 Dec

Karan & Jim Fairchild alderspr at peak.org
Sun Dec 21 16:17:31 PST 2008

Hi Birders,

Jim and Karan and I had productive birding late morning/early afternoon today.  We went to Peoria, back roads of Linn Co. btwn Peoria and Tangent, Llwellyn Rd., and the Philomath Poo Ponds.


The PYRRHULOXIA showed up in its usual hedgerow along Main Street after about 20 minutes.  Thanks again to Randy Campbell for finding this excellent bird!
NO Palm Warbler or Black Phoebe.

Back Roads:
RED-SHOULDERED HAWK--one in the ash swale at the intersection of Oakville and Church Rds.

Llwelyn Airstrip:
BURROWING OWL--usual spot, looking cold and miserable

Philomath Poo Ponds:
MEW GULL--a lone winter plumage adult, flying over the south pond shortly after we arrived, then sitting while we checked ducks.  After looping back past the south pond, it remained while we discussed ID, but was gone by the time we left (didn't see it leave).  Could still be around; it was rather foggy (and rainy by the time we left).

Good Birding
Karl Fairchild (and Karan and Jim too)
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