[birding] FINLEY (Bruce Rd) in the snow 12/19

Snetsinger, Thomas Thomas.Snetsinger at oregonstate.edu
Fri Dec 19 13:47:50 PST 2008

Hi All,
Thought the snow might force longspurs, sparrows, pipits into the scrape ponds along Bruce Road, so I rumbled down that way at 30 MPH over my lunch hour. My theory was sound, but I didn't find any noteworthy species. Still, I was surprised at the numbers of American Pipits (probably 500 +). There was a good selection of sparrows including Lincoln's, Golden-crowned, White-crowned, and Song. No longspurs. I came across a couple of Killdeer, looking rather odd in that were buried up to their necks in snow (they both took flight, so were apparently not in any trouble physically). 
Tom Snetsinger
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